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Tie Dye Travels for July First Friday

Posted by Chris Snowden-Santi on

If you decided to stay inside, because of a little rain, you missed out on a big event!

The clouds parted and the skies cleared for our event last week! Just long enough to have a good time, before the skies began to rain down again.

Outside, we had Esther, from Rainbow Haze Dyes, directing our live tie dye demo. 7 Wonders and Kindtray provided the shirts, but everyone brought their own creation to life with the dyes. Esther provided us with an incredible color palette, and some awesome designs for everyone to make. You can see the 7 Wonders staff sporting her designs, and find plenty in store, in case you missed out on the opportunity to make your own.

Austin Hensley came up to show us his skill behind the torch, and did he ever! Creating an incredible Spacey rig and matching "Space Traveler" pendant (Not mentioning the one attached to the rig). With a trippy Lucy viewing window with Illuminati accents (even on the downstem!) to appreciate the function of this beautiful piece of art. It is truly an amazing look into space from an extremely down to earth artist. Austin's First Friday rig is available for viewing at the 7 Wonders Gallery, along with his other works.

As if the visual spectacle was not enough, Good Times Rolling Kitchen provided us with another incredible spread. From stuffed meatballs, to Mexican corn, and red, white, and blue strawberries, everyone found something to enjoy.

As always, I want to thank the artists, staff, and everyone that attended for making this a great event. It was touch and go with the weather, but I'm super pleased we were able to provide the Flagstaff community with another great event for families to appreciate art.


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