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First Friday June 2016

Posted by Chris Snowden-Santi on

I wanted to take some time to look back on the events that have brought 7 Wonders Gallery back onto the Flagstaff First Friday scene.

The gallery was very fortunate in being able to host two Flagstaff artists for its first showing in May, and they did not disappoint our patrons. Tristan, better known as HP Love, put on an awesome flame working display, expertly maneuvering glass, to produce a beautiful piece and matching pendant, which were claimed before they even left the kiln. I must say while quite the beautiful piece, it holds quite a bit of sentimental value for me. You can find more of  HP's work, regularly on display, and available for sale, at the gallery.

Paired with his flame working counterpart, Michael Costabile displayed his amazing skill on the canvas for our patrons to enjoy. Continuing his work on a seahorse project, while discussing his current works with art fans. 7 Wonders rapidly acquired, and has Michael's "Trippy Owl" on display, along with prints of his other works. Stop in to pick up your own piece by this blossoming artist.

Similar to our May event, June brought an awesome show to the gallery. Matt from Twisted Family Jewels and Riley from 7th Street Glass collaborated to bring customers looks from both worlds. Riley provided beautiful glass pendants for Matt to skillfully wrap, creating unique works to display. All before prepping for their live work during the show. What a pair of beauties!

Luckily, the gallery was able to return the favor, with works from each artist selling from our booth at the great Hullabaloo! Don't worry everyone, you have not missed your chance to grab your own. Both artists have pieces for sale at the gallery, including First Friday unique sets!

While this is a brief recap of what we have seen so far, it does not accurately depict artistic movement we are trying to create in Flagstaff. As a whole 7 Wonders aims to bring artists from all medium/media together, to provide excellent events, and learning opportunities to the community.

As always, many thanks are due. To our staff, artists, and patrons, for making these events amazing every time. To Kindtray, Chameleon Glass, Michael Costabile, 7th Street Glass, and Twisted Family Jewels for their giveaway donations. Last, but not least, to our incredible caterer, Good Times Rolling Kitchen.

I hope this has inspired you to visit us during our next First Friday. July 1st, 2016 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

Make sure to check out and follow @7WondersGallery @Kindtray and @8thWonderStudio for product info, lesson updates, news, and giveaways.


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