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7 Wonders Doubling Down for August

Posted by Chris Snowden-Santi on

Per the usual Flagstaff weather in August, the skies were dark and the ground wet for a vast majority of the day. However, thankfully mother nature was able to open up a window in the rain, and let us host our event. Oh boy, did we throw down some fire!

Starting a little earlier than usual, to give a little more time for their work, Shuhbuh and Erkel got right to work after lunch! It didn't take long for us to get the ball rolling. Shortly after our first social media blast, patrons began walking in to check out the show. Not to mention take advantage of our awesome discounts during FF.

This FF even produced double the glass! Both Erk and Shuhb created excellent renditions of their respective popular "Roo" and "Monster" heads, to place on each of their rigs (Trading off work half way through). Even with the switch, neither missed a beat. Shuhbuh placed the"Roo Skull" atop an awesome worked short beaker, that just screams ILLUMINATI! The "Purple Monster" made it on to a mesmerizing three color beaker, mixing purple and greens to create a unique accent to the base and rig. Unfortunately my words are not able to accurately describe the beauty and impression these rigs make, so let them do the speaking themselves.

Each of the FF rigs are available for viewing at the gallery at this time. Stop in and take a look! While you're there, check outsome of the Natrix's and String Theory's work we have around the store. They will be September's First Friday Artists! See you there!

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