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Turbine Top V3 Adjustable Nail Highly Educated

  • $ 5499

The V3 Adjustable nail was the first fully and infinitely adjustable nail to be introduced to the market place in August of 2011. The V3 features a new larger head in comparison to its predecessor (V2). A threaded titanium shaft allows for the V3 Head, Fins, and Counterweight to attach. By turning the fins up and down the shaft, the height of the nail can be adjusted to match the vapor dome it is being used with. This addressed the early issue of  inconsistent heights being used with vapor domes. The V3 nail head options consist of the Standard dish (flat), The C-Cup (concave cup), and the Turbine Top (center point rise in dish resembling a turbine). Available joint diameter sizes are 14mm and 18mm. You can purchase different length threaded rods to accommodate for larger or smaller varieties of vapor domes.

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