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Tiger's Eye by Glass Alchemy

  • $ 799

Tiger's Eye is a Beryl based sparkle color utilizing the next generation sparkle technology found in Paparazzi.

Working Tip:  This color likes to be worked cool, but make sure you have your heat base built up while tooling or manipulating the glass to avoid developing a gray haze. As with all chrome colors

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

“I have been waiting for this sparkle for a long time. It really completes the sparkle palette for earth tones.

Tiger’s Eye has such large sparkle flakes that when you catch it in different light it seems as though you see every color of the rainbow reflecting like a prism. At the same time, you can also see gold and silver flakes. The base color helps a lot with this effect. Similar to Beryl but a bit more vibrant, this transparent color works quite the same. It handles every type of working situation, although you want to avoid long exposure to a heavy propane flame.

It can be worked solid or blown, thick or thin. I prefer dense layers of Tiger’s Eye so you can really see the range of spectrum within the sparkle.” – Mike Shelbo

Product Specifications:
Each rod is 20 inches long and approximately 7mm in diameter

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