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Alchemy Mint by Glass Alchemy

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Alchemy Mint, 441 is an opaque celadon green that works well in fades, backgrounds to pop other colors or as an off white, especially in stringer applications.

Working Tip: Work this color in a neutral flame. Garage at 975° F, Anneal at 1050° F.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo: 

"Memories of first understanding how to use Glass Alchemy's heritage color Sage come to mind when working Mint. This is because in the number system Mint is just a shade lighter than Sage was and works just as nice.

I work this color unencased and it works creamy and smooth in a variety of flame settings. Quick heats with a sharp premix flame to add, melt or cut-in detail work does not bother the surface of this color.

This is a beautiful opal that will lend well to blown work and contrasts with darker colors. If blown thin enough, you will see a milky opalescent finish that is easiest to achieve by placing Mint in between two layers of clear before blowing out." - Mike Shelbo

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