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Lapis by Glass Alchemy

Lapis by Glass Alchemy

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Product Details:

Lapis, 5195, one our most sought after colors, was inspired by a piece of lapis lazuli rock. One of the oldest colors used by the great paint masters, we worked hard to bring this color to the palette. A dark, soulful, opaque blue, Lapis Blue, 5195 is a necessary addition to every studio.

Working Tip: Heat slowly to raise the core temperature. Once the heat base is established, this color can be worked very hot and any air bubbles that popped during the preheat will smooth out. Getting this color white hot will cause excessive gas release that can not be repaired and should therefore be avoided.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"In comparison to the other opaque colors in the Glass Alchemy palette, Lapis is a bit different in its working characteristics.

First of all, it is quite stiff when being manipulated and takes a bit longer than other colors to soak heat into its core. An encasement in clear will allow for more intense heating closer to the face of your torch. Working Lapis without encasement requires a little extra patience to achieve a beautiful end result of a deep opaque violet blue. Working with a neutral flame is important. Too much propane in your mix will leave graying in patches and streaks.

Lapis is dense and holds its color well in stringers and when blown thin. The stiffness of this color allows it to have uses in some applications where that characteristic would be helpful in workability and or design." - Mike Shelbo

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