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Genesis Micro Nail by Happy Daddy

Genesis Micro Nail by Happy Daddy

  • $ 9999

Spawned from the genius that is the Genesis System and inspired by the technological mentality of the future that smaller is in fact better, we at Happy Daddy Products would like to introduce to the public at large, the Genesis Micro.

Like its predecessor (see the Genesis Nail for more details), the Genesis Micro Nailis a domeless nail, made out of CP Grade 2 Titanium and goes boldly where no nail has gone before, keeping heat longer—it – really klinging on. The main difference being it’s a fraction of the size, a fraction of the weight, and a fraction of the price!

The anti-reclaim design means much less medication lost to the black hole of your device.  This superbly designed 10mm Male and 14mm Female nail also works with our fantastic HDP flat carb caps and D-Nail Adapters.

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