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Fit Over Style Glasses by Wale Apparatus

Fit Over Style Glasses by Wale Apparatus

  • $ 7699

The lightweight and comfortable Fit-Over Style can be used as a standard frame or will fit over existing glasses. Perfect eye protection for kiln work, the Fit-Over Style offers scratch-resistant polycarbonate S Series lenses with Sodium Flare and UV protection. The durable plastic frames with side shields and adjustable side arms extends the eye protection all around. Upgrade to the SB and B3 lenses for additional IR protection.

B3-Series: With the same darker shade as the "SB" series, the B-3 Series of Lampwork Eye Protection offers the addition of a welder shade #3 for even more brightness reduction. The eyewear in the “B3” series is typically used in borosilicate glass lampwork for maximum eye protection. Offers Sodium Flare, UV, and IR protection.

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