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Dragon's Eye by Glass Alchemy

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Dragon's Eye, 4838 was developed originally for the beaders who are on constant search for a new color to diversify their creations. To meet the challenge we created a new green tone. We then added enough color changing silver to allow organic shifts in the color without overpowering the green or creating mud, and continue to transmit light without appearing transparent. This is a fantastic surface color that has a wide range of possibilities.

Working Tip: Flame or kiln strike at 1075°F. Work neutral; reduce at end for metallic effects.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This color can be worked either unencased or encased.

When working this color unencased I advise using a flame that has a bit more oxygen in the mix than your normal settings. This will allow you to use reduction properly at the end of the piece by increasing the amount of propane in your torch flame. Through reduction your transparent green base glass will push out colors ranging from creamy blues and greens to yellows, oranges, and purples to a metallic rainbow iridescence.

Encasement of rod will yield softer tones over green depending on flame settings during the encasement process." - Mike Shelbo

Product Specifications:
Each rod is 20 inches long and approximately 7mm in diameter

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