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Absolute Zero Water Pipe by Chameleon Glass

  • $ 21999

The Absolute Zero Water Pipe is a great option for the person looking for a full size water filtering, coil condensing/gel cooling unit.  This is all in one, and compact, too.  Average height of 12″, you have your choice of colors, and ground joint sizes (14mm or 19mm).  Ships with a low profile diffused downstem that accommodates a 14mm flower bowl or 14mm domeless quartz nail (both are included).

Condenser coils have been around since the 19th century in scientific glass and laboratory glass. What we did was to miniaturize the internal mechanism to fit into a piece that can be stored (without water) in your freezer.

Coils work because the organic glycerin we use to fill the coil jacket is super chilled in your freezer. When the vapor from your bowl passes through the coil, it is also super chilled AND re-humidified, providing a very pleasing smoke experience. The super chilled vapor is condensed and made into a smaller volume, but still packs the same punch, meaning, your average pull is at least 3X denser than a normal pull, or, to put it another way, one coil pull is worth 3 normal non-coil pulls. When the chilled vapor hits the warmth of your body, it also warms up, and in the process, expands to deliver a lung filling pull of the good stuff to get your day back on track. Enjoy!

SKU: 959-(Color) 19mm

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