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V1 Hybrid 10mm Nails by Highly Educated

V1 Hybrid 10mm Nails by Highly Educated

  • $ 14999

Our first release into the quartz world is the V1 quartz dish attachment which connects to our new titanium H-adapter body to create a Hybrid DualiTi Nail. The Hybrid DualiTi Nail is 14/18mm Female, and the quartz dish options include the V1 Clear Fused Quartz, as well as the V1 Opaque Quartz. 

Much like the clear fused quartz, opaque quartz has a nominal purity of 99.995% SiO2.  The dish is machined from GE opaque quartz. Precise machining of this semiconductor grade quartz allows the V1 Opaque Dish to be reverse compatible with tools like our Carb Cap V2, UniTi Cap, or ParTi Cap. The dish is fire polished after machining to remove the white blanchart finish and reveal the micro bubbles within which give it its opaque appearance from a distance. The bubbles reduce the transparency of the vitreous silica while maintaining its intrinsic purity. In the semiconductor industry, opaque quartz is primarily utilized in heat-technology applications where good thermal insulation and high temperature stability are of importance. Trying to make an opaque quartz dish from traditional opaque tubing is both difficult and prohibitively costly. Unlike traditional quartz nails, our dish is machined from an opaque quartz slab and not made from tubing.

Highly Educated quartz accessories are machined from GE semiconductor grade fused quartz. Much like our titanium, our quartz is machined right here in the United States and is 99.9% pure.

The V1 Quartz dishes will be both torch and flat coil e-nail compatible off the shelf, or they can be made 16mm & 20mm barrel coil e-nail compatible with a 16mm or 20mm barrel coil adapter (sold separately).

For the first time, we have decided to offer anodized titanium bodies to help your nail better match your rig. Previously we have stayed away from anodizing nails as the extreme heat from a direct flame will alter the oxide layers thickness altering the illusion of color on the nail head and resulting in either an unhappy or confused customer. As the communities understanding of the anodizing process has increased over the years, the fear and confusion of the color fading is less likely to be misinterpreted. Ideally, the quartz dish will be taking the brunt of the flame, leaving the bottom titanium body to preserve its color.

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