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Sno White by Glass Alchemy

  • $ 799

White is a necessary and ironically very difficult color to make in glass. Tin based whites have been made in the past but have not been very successful. We wanted the rich deep white associated with tin so we spent many years drilling down on the final formula. Today’s Sno White, 9995 is the highest saturated white on the borosilicate market.

Working Tip: Heat slowly to raise the core temperature. Once the heat base is established, this color can be worked very hot and any air bubbles that popped during the preheat will smooth out. Getting this color white hot will cause excessive gas release that can not be repaired and should therefore be avoided.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This opaque white crayon is highly saturated with color so that you can draw down to stringers or blow out thin and still have a solid white finish.

If desired, Sno White can be sandwiched between clear and blown out very thin and achieve a slightly translucent or milky finish. Without encasement in clear or another color you must work Sno White like other crayon colors and try to do most heating about an inch or so further out than where you work your clear glass. It can handle quick heats with an intense, hot and sharp flame, but do not overheat tiny areas and you will avoid bubbling.

Sno White melts into itself smoothly and easily without trace of where color overlaps itself. For thick, solid sculpture work, I prefer to encase clear rod with Sno White so the core of the sculpture is more flexible and can hold core heat longer. Try encasing Sno White in every Glass Alchemy translucent color and find a whole new palette of colors that includes more pastels and can create a bold and vibrant look for your basic what you see is what you get colors." - Mike Shelbo

Product Specifications:
Each rod is 20 inches long and approximately 7mm in diameter

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