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Kindtray 1oz by TightVac (Various Colors)

  • $ 999

The Minivac is the coolest little container - Great for food, office supplies, or home goods! The ultimate saffron container, The perfect vitamin container. Jewelery won't tarnish in a Minivac so you will want more then one! Herbs will keep ultra fresh and traveling is made easy. Terrific for small items such as buttons, beads, pins, coins and lots of other things.

Dimensions: 2-7/8"tall x 2-5/16" diameter (7 cm x 6 cm)

Capacity: 1 oz / .12 liter / 28g

Recommended Uses: Herbs, pills, buttons, beads, pins, coins, and other small items. Makes a great Wedding gift, Christmas gift, or Birthday present.

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